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Canopies on petrol stations

We're one of largest suppliers of canopies
on petrol stations in Poland

General Contracting

General contracting of industrial buildings


Klim Eko has been operating throughout the country since 1995. At the beginning of the activity firm merely produced prefabricated ventilation and air-conditioning units as well as steel constructions. As a result of constant development and expansion, led successively until present day, we haveextended our scope to general constractorship of investments.

Currently Klim-Eko is one of the largest suppliers of canopies on petrol stations in Poland. We have acquired requisite technological and human potential, as well as experience and professional knowledge of our specialist, which are essential for realization of each production stage:
  - General contractorship of industrial buildings and petrol stations
  - Prefabrication of ventilation and air-conditioning units
  - Assemblage of ventilation and air-conditioning